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Chaconne BVV1004 - J S Bach (excerpt 2)- Flavio
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Flavio Matani, guitar
A quick take at home some time ago... with some bloopers

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Book of G-Quan, Soldier of Darkness, B5

[ Books ] MaddAdam - Margaret Atwood

MaddAddamMaddAddam by Margaret Atwood

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I loved this world. Well, it is a bit grim but engagijng, a post-apocalyptic world where a man made plague has wiped out the human race (yes, it does sound, in the current times, like one of the wackiest conspiracy theories going round), with the run up to this (with corporations running the world including law and order, justice and health -sounds a bit familiar..) constituting the bulk of the story. The characters are believably human (with perhaps a couple of exceptions -'Blanco' was clearly more of a plot device than a person). The story was engaging and the world made sense in itself almost all the time. So far I've liked pretty much everything that I've read of Atwood's and, as I've recently found out, she is also a good person, with clear views on the right side of things.

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flav vsnap 1

in person

Yesterday I had the first face-to-face lesson with a pupil for the first time in, what, nearly six months. We were both ready to go rob a bank! each of us with mask on. She did a much better lesson that online. The rest of my private lessons are going to be online only for now though -although I do feel it is time to gently bring them back in person, or those who can. A few of my pupils live quite far away and one of those far-away pupils has just being found CV-19 positive. My schools restart in two weeks' time and they both seem to have a plan on how to go about things so we can do the work but keep safe.

I've seen people, nearly every day I go to the coffee stand by Kentish Town station and have coffee and a chat, but it is not the same as seeing my friends. Last week-end there was a distanced double-birthday picnic of friends and it was so good to see people and catch up in person, rather than mediated by a computer screen and the vagaries of Zoom et al. I'm on Dreamwidth at -do follow me there if you can.
Book of G-Quan, Soldier of Darkness, B5

[ Books ] 'The Pursuit of William Abbey' by Claire North

The Pursuit of William AbbeyThe Pursuit of William Abbey by Claire North

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Enjoyed this book. Similar device to the one the author uses in 'Sudden Appearance of Hope' but I felt better carried out in this one. The climax and resolution felt rather contrived -but of course the initial premise of the book is also quite contrived. Some of the characters felt a bit unreal (not talking about Langa here!) but the main characters felt 'real' enough to carry the plot forward. A good read, overall.

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Lovecraft countries...

Ah. The lurking horrors lurk. Apparently there is a new series on HBO (which means I'll never get to see it) based kind of around 'Lovecraft's Country' (that is the title) and it is a mesh of things, a narrative in which a black couple face ugly racism on their travels (Lovecraft was, according to many sources, extremely and unrepentantly racist) and the monsters from the Lovecraft universe. Which made me think, one more time, about the problem of an artist whose work is undeniably important, seminal but who as a person was a rather unpleasant individual. It has happened to me at a personal level: my most talented pupil of recent years was a young man with extremely dodgy political opinions, someone who idolised Ben Shapiro, Jordan Peterson and had a virulent hate for Ocasio Cortez and Corbyn -but also was dedicated, considerate, helped me quite a few times -in the end he had to go but that was very difficult -in a way it still is. It happens with people in pop culture like Death in June, purveyors of catchy alternative songs and unconscionable nazi opinions. Happens with Richard Wagner, particularly. And, to the point, happens even most of all with Lovecraft. Does the fact that they were unpleasant bigots invalidate their artistic work? And turning this around, does the fact that they produce artistic work of high value and transcendence redeem the fact that they were horrible people? Is it possible to enjoy their work whilst not overlooking the fact that they were, indeed, horrible people? I'm on Dreamwidth at -do follow me there if you can.

in the heat of the day

Way too hot.

I know, I know -I grew up and lived half a very long life in the tropics. Talking to my sister we established that we never have seen 36º in Caracas. Maracaibo is way hotter than that but I would never willingly go there. I've spent a day there and hated every second of it.

On Saturday went to Hyde Park to see a friend who is briefly in the country. She wanted to meet at the Diana memorial. I still feel that was a mistake, although I liked seeing the swans and the geese on the Serpentine. It was packed full of people, no masks -no, I lie; there were a tiny few people wearing masks but these at half-mast, as chin ornaments. This was the furthest I've been since the beginning of March. In the evening it also was my first Tube ride. It started ok, with carriages a third full if that. But then this large group -probably a family since there were different ages- sat next to me. No masks. A woman from that group sat right next to me and I stood up. Then they started talking amongst themselves, giggling and a couple of them pointed at me at some point. Not sure I want to do the Tube again.

I did enjoy seeing my friends. And the swans and geese in the lake.

black swan

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zoomed guitar!

That was a first.

Yesterday I played a classical guitar recital online. They liked it, I got paid for it. I was a bit apprehensive at first, thinking of all the obstacles (tech and otherwise) that I've encountered in the course of teaching guitar online in the last five months but none of them arose.

That made me think -there might be a market for that sort of thing and I always live so precariously on the edge so I could do with a few gigs like that. But I'm hopeless at the 'selling the product' side of things. I can do the playing but not the selling it. Oh well....

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[ photos ] A(nother) walk down the canal

A walk in the sunshine on the canal,. from Camden Town to Kings Cross..

A walk down the canal from Camden to Kings Cross in the sunshine. Didn't take any pictures of the cyclists zooming past so that you had to jump out of their way... apart from that, a very pleasant walk as always.

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