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week has started quietly...


I have received two wrong number phone calls (one quite a long one, this lady needed to speak to her ex-husband who had deceived her and gave her a wrong number on purpose so I played homebrew psychologist/counsellor for about fifteen minutes...)

have practised a couple of hours of guitar which is good, I never can do enough practice during term time when, if I get to have enough time at some point, don't have much energy left by then. Noticing that I can only play scales, for instance, something like two -thirds what used to be my top speed. Not that it matters much, of course, but should do something about it nonetheless. In many ways I have clearer ideas of what I can do and what I may want to do with the instrument but cannot expect to wholly retain the technical proficiency at this point, even less if I spend my spare time devving and slimelighting

going to Watford later, some teaching to do, maybe go and see a car, I'm not happy at all about the current one. At least the late flavmobile went for nearly two years without complaining before starting to ask for money and dying in inconvenient places..

more funny dreams, a couple of which I woke up thinking I wanted to write them down, then they started shredding away -toothbrush and soap seem to sweep away the last remains of the dreams down the washbasin, maybe I should try and write them down before I officially get up....

I think I had a beach dream, something like being lost in a vast expanse of white sand with some enormous plastic looking constructs with the surf beating violently against them, droplets of it reaching me even though I was quite far away... beautiful and somewhat threatening....


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