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chance encounters.....

so i was t at the Slimelight, in the stairs at the back, between the bar upstairs and the cloakroom, talking to somebody when this guy approaches me and says "HEY, YOU REMEMBER ME?", "mm... well, your face is familiar, but i can't recall....""YOU MEAN YOU DON'T REMEMBER ME? nobody remembers me! i've got one of those faces noone remembers...!" and i'm feeling a bit guiltry or something (as i hate it when people you have been introduced three or four times still don't know you from Adam) and then he stops somebody else walking up the steps and greets him: "HEY, YOU REMEMBER ME....?

and then heads for silkyfish and greets her in the same manner, and then somebody else, (yes, "HEY, DYRM?") who replies 'well, yes' so he turns around and points his finger at me and says "YOU SEE, SHE REMEMBERS ME ... AND YOU DON'T ?" and then towards Sarah: "EVEN THOUGH I BOUGHT HIM DRINKS ALL NIGHT!"

takes all sorts.... maybe i could do with some of whatever it was he had....

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