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a little less hectic than other times... since I didn't have three parties on Saturday and didn't go to the Slimes -actually, I did have another party on Saturday that very nearly would have still been going on but... forgot!

Did go for a while to LD&D on Friday. Was thinking of going to D&B but various things conspired against that.. Busy Saturday teaching then blackberryqueen's birthday party at a bar off the Strand, which was very good if rather packed -nearly_everyone seemed to be there, with caveynik, djpsyche, hotel_noir and pachastella DJ'ing. They all decamped to the Slimes but I didn't fancy going so I had an early night! on a Saturday! I must have been in bed before 1:00am! So I got up early yesterday and did lots of housey things and practised guitar and read and wrote two horrible pieces of music in Logic, then Dev, where lots of familiar faces...

I had written this earlier as a reply to miss_kat, but I thought it was a good summary of flavweekend...

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