Flavio Matani (flavius_m) wrote,
Flavio Matani

late update....

last week-end....

Week-end was good. It started with a very good B-Movie, which I attended accompanied by my flatmates Ricardo and Bernie, as well as Sam and Deanna; it was the first time there for the latter two, who seemed to enjoy it enormously and will probably be back.

Saturday, after my teaching, involved going for dinner with kajia, Ross and Matt, after which we joined silyfish and dj_gassmann for drinks at the Prince Regent in Liverpool Rd., which inevitably was followed by Slimelight... must mention the restaurant, it is a veggie Indian rest. caled Ja Krishna, on Stroud Green Road; the food was very very good and my only complaint was that there was rather a lot of it... so we ate it all... recommended

Sunday was a different thing. I went to the 'life's celebration' concert in homage to my guitar teacher, John Duarte, who died last Christmas. it was strange to see some faces from long ago, even stranger to find some of them who I hadn't seen for perhaps twelve years, having become, indeed, old faces, those of old people. I found that slightly spooky and unreal, maybe because of the suddenness of it, not having seen them for so long. As a concert, it probably would be out of the interest of most who will read this, but do remember I'm a classical guitarist. Suffice to say that it was very good, some fantastic players -as well as some very bad poetry reciting. In a move that would have pleased Jack, we all decamped to the nearest pub and invaded it, and proceeded (they, I was driving) to drink the place dry and tell funny anecdotes of gigs and the like.... mm, how is it that I end up in such minority interest groups? Classical guitarists, goths, industrial music aficionados....

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