Flavio Matani (flavius_m) wrote,
Flavio Matani

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(the poor man's) Night at the Opera

A different evening, spent with blackberryqueen, hotel_noir and Lucia, sitting at the Piazza in Covent Garden watching the live relay of Rigoletto..... I'm told that lydiamorgan was somewhere around but we didn't see her.

I enjoyed that a lot, even though I ended up with my legs completely numb after sitting on the cobblestones for over three hours. Curiously, even though I can speak Italian I could not understand a word, luckily I had some vague memory of the story (one more of those things that I had to learn when I was studying music and promptly forgot) and.. well, ok, Lucia had the synopsis....

Sturdy, those old time Italians. They could be in their death throes after having been stabbed or poisoned and still could sing at least 64 bars of cascading melismatic scales and long long extremely high notes before finally popping out :D

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