Flavio Matani (flavius_m) wrote,
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hazy sunshine....

... Yesterday brought a few lesson cancellations, a few more lesson enquiries and the booking of another new pupil. It also brought a very enjoyable evening with gelflyng, mock2, irisetta drreagan, pygar and a couple other peeps at bluehelen's, lovely food by Arran and much fun.

Then it was Strength Through Joy, alas without air conditioning but with an enormously big fan, industrial-size which was quite appropriate in several ways. Practically everyone was there... didn't dance much, just took a position sitting just opposite where the fan was and mostly stayed there. Had a good catch up and conversación with darcy_, who should now write to me in español! :P

Now off to Brighton to meet a friend, so unfortunately don't think I'll be around for spoox's drinks in Cannonbury... but, anyway, we'll see. And, by the way, Happy Birthday, spoox!

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