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A sunny day in London town

Went to do a lesson in Tufnell Park. Pleasant sunny morning so I walked there.. on the way back, stopped at the Rustique Literary Café, had a rather nice sandwich... quite a nice little cafe, pictures and books-kind of arty without being pretentious (didn't think that much of the paintings, but still...), the paintings were somebody's exhibition, I take. A good place for a coffee and a chat with a friend; they agreed to put my flyer for guitar lessons on the window and I let them know (ok, tried to persuade them) that classical guitar was perfect for painters' exhibition openings and the like (events which they seem to have some involvement with). They also run creative writing courses.. interesting little place, unlikely location. I hope they do well, though.

Hm, I probably should charge those guys for the free publicity!:D

Later today, meet with bellajonez and another friend to explore possible grub places near Kensington Olympia for the u.c.s.m meet after November's Mac Expo. Then may or may not have a lesson tonight, as the pupil in question seems to have disappeared and be impossible to get hold of :/

Later still... probably the Dev.. so I will have missed Skinny Puppy, but no can do :/ :/

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