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A Scanner, Darkly

Had just finished reading A Scanner Darkly by Philip K Dick when I learnt there is a movie being made of it. I was wondering how they could possibly do it, the book deals so much with subjective stuff, what is happening inside Arctor's brain (brains, even. No, not brains!) that I was thinking 'another Hollywood butcher job'. The answer seems to be rotoscoping: the scenes are first filmed in the normal manner and then drawn over, which gives it a sort of comic-book texture.. Just saw the trailer here, not fantastically enthused (I've only once or twice seen the film of a book that captured me as much as the book did at first) but curious. Will be seeing it. One thing about the book: it is gloomy, very gloomy and depressing; I don't reccomend it as summer read-by-the-side-of-the-pool...

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