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Return from Infest

It was a good week-end, if perhaps not as memorable as other Infests. It was good to meet again so many friends, some of whom, like scarletkitti and jacoby_swift, I hardly have a chance to see at other times, because of distance or other reasons. Missed not seeing some very good friends like rainbowskye and jozafeen and suebeedoo, silkyfish and dj_gassmann, Vanessa and Kelly.... who weren't there this year, as well.

Musically it seemed to be a bit less interesting for me this year. There were a couple of other things, like the room saga: I was assigned to the ground floor on 'Trinity B' block. There turned out not to be any water there, so they sent me to the top floor of Bellamy's block. This is after I had emptied and spread the contents of my car in that room, so I had to pick it all up again and pack it to move to the new room... shortly after, one of the two lifts had broken down, so I spent the week-end in fear of the other one failing as well, and having to climb the steps to that eighth floor....

The other little thing was the camera 'incident'. On Sunday I had been in the courtyard with friends, amongst whom that_total_age, nalle, purplestuart, was going to go into the venue when was stopped by the door staff. "Have you got a press pass?" "A, what?" I answered. "A press pass, that camera, that's not a domestic camera"."Domesticated camera? It never bites", " A professional camera, innit","Hey? A what? I suppose, only if I sell the pictures..." So I had to argue my case and apparently they even had to phone people further up the hierarchy to get clearance that could go into the venue with my Canon 350. Grr. Of course they don't know the lens that comes with the thing is hopeless -and that so am I!!

One note about the food at the canteen (or 'Garden of Earthly Delight' or whatever it is they call it.....: One pound and ninety five pence for a plastic platter with chips, for which you couldn't get mustard, ketchup or mayonnaise because there wasn't any. Another note: the chicken korma was radioactive. OK, perhaps it wasn't entirely radioactive as such, but it glowed phosphorescent green in the dark.. Then there were a few things happening to other peeps, like kotenok's wallet disappearing and then turning up, minus the money... not good.. I may comment t about the bands when I've mulled a little more about it.

Photos will ensue, when I have sorted out any that might be worth the while putting up. I took about 850 pictures, but most of them are just rubbish....

[ Edit ] Just re-read this and it is too whingey. It was very good. I liked Po(w)der Pussy, HIV+ (although I didn't think much of the + + gimmick, much as I may have liked the display. I'm sure there is a good explanation there somewhere). There was lots of good music, very good friends around, some partying afterhours (must not bring the car next year...).

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