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this day is quickly becoming an exercise in frustration, would have met a friend from Whitby from a long time ago, but she only reminded me last night (well, she'd told me some time ago) when i had already arranged lessons for this evening and couldn't really cancel as i need the money for some unimportant little things like the rent...

so she phones me while i'm in the middle of a lesson (and my pupil gets restless, after all she is paying for this time) i don't want to cut my friend short but i do want to meet her... but she is driving and doesn't know how to get to the Dev where i was suggesting we met (i try to give her directions but...) and i'm busy anyway (and my pupil is playing and asking me questions during this) and she'd have to hang around for two hours.... which of course she won't. In the meantime my pupil has completely lost it and really needs me to give her a hand with what she's trying to do and my computer appears to freeze...

all in the course of a very frustrating tense 40 seconds...

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