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A walk-on part in the world, or a leading role in a cage...

Difficult to breathe. It is hot and yet it is not hot, but it is close and muggy, yucky weather.

Better be out of here, at that birthday party near the Angel perhaps. Didn't quite make it to visit mark13 (for those who don't know, he broke an arm two days ago and is in Homerton Hospital) hope to make it tomorrow.

B-Movie last night was very good, but too hot for me and Nikole and at some point she said she wanted to go home (and eat falafel..) so we left, even though it was quite early. Was a good birthday party for B-Movie, though, much fun (I just hope there are no pictures of me dancing... but no camera would survive that, anyway..)

Ok, out of here now-now....

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