Flavio Matani (flavius_m) wrote,
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The post man never rings twice

or even once, or at all, here in KTR... but, apart from bills, it brought today HIV+'s 'Hypnoise Movements & Harsh Ironworks' by Mr. havoc2027... thanks! listening to it presently -we likes

later today, lessons, sorting out someone's Apple Mac problem in Watford (possibly; what they're asking me to do is a workgroup solution that is way overkill for their needs and budget -they don't know this yet), more lessons here, then drinks in Quinn's to celebrate andyknifton's uni success but before that I will try to go for a little while to the old Firkin (whatever unpronounceable thing it is called now) to watch Lee's band, 'Thought Criminals'.

Should try to fit some guitar practice in between, I'm getting very rusty....
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