Flavio Matani (flavius_m) wrote,
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monday morning...

oh, getting up early again, yuk yuk...

slowly crawl my way round the North Circular Road and let the flow take me to Hanger Lane giratory, crawl my way up and down the hill contemplating the miserable faces of the other drivers (i probably wear a face like that as well except i'm singing along to 'Standing' at full blast and then to Rammstein (which would seem odd choices of music for a classical guitarist but those who know me and have endured a car ride with me know better....)

and then something simple: a small kaleidoscope of sunbeams through the green foliage and i'm so happy in spite of having to get up at uncivilised hours and have to drive such a long way to wait for pupils not to turn up which i know as it always happens on the first day back to school but never mind ...

then i'm here in my room waiting for said pupils and enduring somebody's first ever (must be) saxophone lesson next door and falling asleep... into a reverie made of forgotten dreams and images of the sun through the leaves early on, and of some white beach in the Venezuelan Caribbean, so long ago and so far away....

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