Flavio Matani (flavius_m) wrote,
Flavio Matani

off to the Dev, for a drink for cyberglamour's birthday...

... then, I don't know. Don't particularly feel like going to the Slime. I know there's a couple of birthday celebs taking place there, namely kingtiger and suicideally(2); so might turn up -but at this point just feel tired.

Spent much time this week bringing my laptop (and all my stuff in it) back from the land of the dead, finally managed to get it running apparently normally today....

Haven't put up the pictures from nounou's party in the woods of last week-end's, or the few I took of miss_kat's birthday meal on Weds. That will happen, at some point.

ok, off I go. I expect I'll see some of you at the Dev, and surely at the Slime if I get myself together and make it there

[ Edit ] Why do there seem to be two birthdays of people I know, every day? I'm sure someone's cheating and having two birthdays a year..... :P
[ Edit (2) - it's not like I know Ally very well at all, either, but she's part of a circle of people who I can call friends...

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