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pressed rat and warthog / closed down their shop....

... teaching today; already had a cancellation but the lesson is not lost, we'll be doing it tomorrow. Not fatnastic, teaching on a Sunday but need the money and, more important than the one lesson lost, the continuity.

S & V's wedding yesterday was good. The registrar wouldn't allow pictures of the ceremony itself, which was a pity. Anyway, I did warn them that I'm not a photographer, only a musician that takes pictures. Which reminds me, I have had a lot of trouble with my internet connection so haven't been able to upload the pictures for Mahab's party and Kat's b'day meal. Telewest bad, grr. I am thinking of getting a temporary dsl connection -does anybody still do monthly contracts instead of yearly? I have looked in adsl guide but no joy.

In the evening I went to Dead and Buried. which was a bit more sparsely attended, say, than I remember previous ones. Was a good night, but I was feeling slightly under the weather and very very tired after a hectic week, so I only stayed a couple of hours. It was good to see Sam, amongst many other people.

Better go back to my pupil now...

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