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The spot of light in the middle of the inky blackness of the night

Saturday night found me with a group of people searching our way around the perimeter of HIghgate Woods. Finally we found the entrance that was open and manned (no, we didn't have to give passwords and codes) and sent in our way in the pitch black, punctuated by the pale beacons that showed us the way to featheredwings's and beric's birthday party in the woods... in the pavillion in the park in HIghgate Woods...

... a lovely night, in that spot of light in the middle of the blackness of the night in the wood, with that pale moon chased by restless clouds, casting hardly any light -but it was not needed, they shone bright. There's pictures.....

Sunday was a very slow day, with my head feeling like a fishbowl, every movement creating waves that crashed against one side of my cranium, then the other. Then I remembered. Czech beer, then wine, then more beer, then more wine, real ale, Sambucca, more ale and more wine and finally the Bacardi that djpsyche and I bought on our way to the Slimelight.

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