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ew, you're horrible * pint * pint * ooh you're lovely

As per the old poster: Beer, helping people have sex since time immemorial.....

[ Edit ] on the other hand, beer does seem to be the universal panacea:
(from the same article)

Pictures of booze can make you feisty (7 November 2005)
Computerised beer mat gets a round in (30 September 2005)
Beer makes you clever: official (29 April 2005)
Beer not fattening: official (9 March 2005)
US brewer adds caffeine to beer (7 February 2005)
Beer fights cancer: official (20 January 2005)
Three-quarters of Brit workers drunk after lunch (22 October 2004)
10.48pm is best time to pull women: official (28 September 2004)


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