Flavio Matani (flavius_m) wrote,
Flavio Matani

time's tireless wheels

.. bring another Monday again.

The week-end was on the whole quite good. Friday was green Sarah's birthday drinks in Quinn's, with a rare attendance by silkyfish and dj_gassmann, event which was punctuated by a power cut. I have to say, this made the ambience much better in the place, with candles and an enormously improved television and music (that is, none of either). I was planning on going to Dead and Buried (which I hear was very good) but found myself dragged to Iinferno. I didn't want to, really, neither did I want to dance to nearly all of caroline_vain's set. Of course, you often pay for your sins in this world and that happened on Saturday, when I had to wade through a very busy teaching day with a rather sore head and not enough sleep.

Yesterday was mostly a quiet day, spent at home pottering, reading and writing. In the evening went to Quinn's again for nitechilde's birthday drinks (lots of birthdays this time of year, it would seem) and then off to yet more birthday drinks for operon at the White Hart in Stoke Newington, some pictures of which are here.

Today should bring a couple of lessons and.. I don't know. I got the nagging feeling that there is something tonight I should be attending but cannot think what it might be. That is, apart from a dinner at friends' which is yet to be confirmed.

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