Flavio Matani (flavius_m) wrote,
Flavio Matani

'Ten things that make me happy' meme

Ten things, in no particular order, that make me happy.
(as tagged by lydiamorgan

1. an evening with friends, be it a good night out or a party in.
2. making music.
3. not having to set the alarm clock for tomorrow... (*)
4. cooking a meal for friends (I always dread it on the day,almost like I dread a concert until I come out on stage and then it's all right). This should also include the counterpart: a good meal cooked by friends, shared with friends.
5. A day with nothing urgent to do and a good book to read. Or, indeed, to write.
6. Waking up next to someone really special (Ok, it's been a long while but hope springs eternal).
7. Running into a friend you haven't seen for many years and finding out you still have lots in common to share.
8. finding some new (to you, not necessarily 'new') music (or play, or art, or book) you really like and/or teaches you something about the world or about yourself.
9. learning about some deed of people helping one another, be it in your circle of peeps or in the news; this gives me some hope that we are not inevitably trapped in the dialectic of the survival of the strongest or the wiliest or the most ruthless.
10. A good party. Wait, I'd already mentioned that...

this came out slightly fluffier and hippier than I intended, I think... then there's all the inconsequential little things, like sex, money, fame -no, not fame!, success, travel to exotic places, etc.

Hm, so... tagging blackberryqueen, kotenok, vampyremermaid, gaius_octavian, scarletkitti...
* tagging completely voluntary, of course, under no obligation for 30 days...

* .. I wish... I have to get up at 5:00 am tomorrow and on the road by 6:00 am... it's so wrong....

(as tagged by lydiamorgan)

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