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Portobello, S&M, olives and unexpected encounters in packed tube trains

No lessons this afternoon, so I headed for Portobello Road market, as I had not been for ages. Lunch at S&M on Portobello Road... Now, S&M stands for 'sausages and mash' and the food was tasty, although a bit expensive for what it was, but the service did make me wonder what the name of the place really stood for... service with a scowl, 'what do you want?' and plate practically thrown on the table. Pity. The girl serving also seemed to be alternative-type (which made it more strange, for some reason.)... maybe they don't get paid enough.. I'm afraid to report she didn't get a tip either..

Portobello Road market -it'd been so long since I last went. I love browsing around the stalls. Now, although I like looking at antiques and jewelry and the rest, I have no desire to own any of those things... was looking for a sort of 'normal' second hand leather jacket (as opposed to something like my 'matrix' trenchcoat), but found nothing that didn't scream 'naff' (all these things are relative, of course, but 'naff' to my taste, anyway).

Spend rather a lot in Spanish delicatessen at Garcia's, the olive stall and a coffee at 'Sin Café no hay Mañana' -pun: means 'without coffee there is no morning' and 'without coffee there is no tomorrow' as this is an organic fair trade café where they (at least claim) they sell coffee from fair trade producers in Honduras. It was nice coffee, actually.

In the tube on the way back ran into redlaurie, which was very nice, and had a good chat and catch up with her.

Synth Cult later?

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