Flavio Matani (flavius_m) wrote,
Flavio Matani

Post xmas, birthdays and other stories...

Happy Birthday, edwards, m0rbid_princess, arkady, fireserpentine and nathan_nothing!

Now I'm back... after a lovely flight with Ryan Air and an even more lovely Stansted Express -er, scratch all that, I hate Ryan Air, it's a necessary evil, gets me there more or less in a way I can afford it but I don't love them. And Stansted Express wasn't, it was scrambling in the rain for the Rail Replacement Bus, this one, not this one, it is that one, only one seat left, take your case out there's no seats left, etc.

Today I have to sort out car. Again. Thought I had a dead battery but it wouldn't start when Ricardo tried to help me jump-start it this morning. Hm.

Then... not a lot, maybe meet a friend for lunch and... do nothing. I can do that,, at least for a bit. Anything at all happening?

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