Flavio Matani (flavius_m) wrote,
Flavio Matani

On learning love and the English language by correspondence...

This message appeared in my MySpace inbox. I suppose I don't see these in my regular email anymore because both Gmail and Apple have become quite good at filtering out spam.That, or those poor Russisan girls have given up on me marrying them and have instead married all those boys in Nigeria withl those millions that I stupidly have turned down. I thought it was a beautiful -if brief- example of the genre:

My name Irina
My age of 25 years.I from Russia.
My city is cheboksary.I the cheerful girl.
I was intrigued with your questionnaire. To me would like to learn you is more best.
I search for second half.
There may be you and there is my second half.Write to me the answer necessarily.
I shall wait for it!
Irina. Mine E-mail: KrasnovaIrina25@ someplace in russia "


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