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some days the world seems to be unravelling fast. Not in any big and tragic way, just as a sort of extended version of socks slowly becoming single or fluff slowly taking over the underside of the bed and papers accumulating at the back of the desk or the lock on the door developing a need for you to twist the key in some particular way otherwise door won't open...

my pupil plays his piece just about to finish his lesson, outside it is a grey, cold looking day (but it is not cold, is it). i put away the music stand and look at my window onto the back yard of the pub next door.

i seem to get mostly two types of pupils: the teenager boy who seems to be convinced he's going to be joe satriani just tomorrow, and the adult learner who is convinced s/he will never be able to play one note, ever. Of course most often both are wrong..

pupil finally finishes his lesson and leaves, i have to do boring stuff like trying to placate creditors (yipee); find yet another batch of fifteen or so of the 'microsoft update patch' in my mailbox, a sprinkle of 'returned messages' to people i have never written, while real world mail that i badly need to receive stubbornly refuses to turn up.

In the back yard of the pub next door they are still excavating those rectangular holes, about two and a bit meters long and about a meter wide, perhaps two and a half meter deep and i think again with something like foreboding as i look at them.. what the hell are they going to put in there? They have now filled with cement the bottom of the first one of those and i do wonder... i'll get really worried if they start to erect wooden structures with a raised platform with a trap-door, say, or a large blade suspended in the grooves of another wooden contraption...

That sauce pan is still sitting there on the work-top after three days with its content of dead pasta , it is obvious that no one is going to wash it up ... grr.. ok, i'll have to do it since whoever did it will not...

small things get lost: guitar plectra, pencils, the kitchen scissors have been missing for two weeks now. Bills accumulate, unpaid until there iis no other option...

the world unravels
Maybe entropy has taken a more accelerated pace in this particular part of the universe.

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