Flavio Matani (flavius_m) wrote,
Flavio Matani

Beers, Steers and Queers -pictures and other stories

That was a very good night! Except when afterwards it all went rather horribly wrong. But that story comes later. First, as I was previouly engaged to be at Sam's birthday at the Tepid Fox (pictures of which I'm currently working on to put up in a minute or ten) I missed the stripper. Apart from that, there are pictures of the various protagonists and some of their shenanigans here. As I just put them up this minute there probably won't be any thumbnails yet. It was a fantastically good night and I hope BS&Q will happen again. Apart from the postlude.

madbird asked me to accompany her home, which seemed sensible. So I walked her home, we got to her doorsttep, she fumbled with keys and asked me to open the door for her. When I turned around to do so, she fell -she just went over, falling flat on her face, after whcih she lost consciousness, had quite a bit of blood on her head and face and was twitching and making little grunting noises. So I dialled 999 and was beginning to explain to the Ambulance people what was happening when the lady of the flat above hers arrived and started screaming. Ok, I won't relay the next twenty minutes but they weren't the most stress-free in my life. Eventually she was taken away in an ambulance, accompanied by her other flatmate (I think she's cloudgirl) ... she seems to be ok, I'm told by her flatmate, maxinemogadon, if bruised and shocked. Will try to speak to her later if I can.

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