Flavio Matani (flavius_m) wrote,
Flavio Matani

of Earth views and past lives....

... playing with Google Earth (which is probably old news for most of you but it only now came out on the Mac).

Strange to see my old house in Catia, in a rough neighbourhood in West Caracas in Venezuela,, from up high and think of where life's currents have taken me and of that awkward long haired kid practising guitar on the flat roof terrace in that dilapidated house somewhere in the fringe of the Western world; the old American cars rotting outside and the girls from the commercial school exchanging banter with my grandad sitting there sipping coffee and reading the evening paper, while I upstairs played on.... someone who used to be me, a couple of lifetimes ago.... and wondering what he, that younger me would make of my life of now. He wouldn't like the fact that I'm still always broke, but he might like London, my set of friends, my life slightly outside the mainstream...

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