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[ iPod ] death and resurrecton of ipod

My ipod died last night, which contributed to a day full of stress and to consolidate my reputation as a grumpy old curmudgeon...so I thought of doing a quick google for ipod repairs and the like. Found that it is not too difficult to replace the hard disk... if you can source one. I already knew that the particular ipod model i have (mono screen, clickwheel, 40 gig disk) is particularly prone to problems with the hard drive (as it has been replaced three times! but it is no longer under warranty). But the most bizarre thing I found is that a lot of people have fixed their ailing ipod by smacking them.. so I tried that... and it worked! The thing came back to life. I don't trust it now, though. I still find it odd and amusing (I get easily entertaned) that in this day and age percussive maintenance should still work...

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