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Ok, so I spent a chunk of last night hanging out in toilets. Maybe I could put myself forward, then, as leader of a political party in this country... or perhaps not.

The toilet bit is that I went to 'Dreadnought' (no web page yet, apparently) a one off club night organised by mock2 and peeps, taking place in a Victorian toilet on Commercial Street. As I got off the car this wizened woman (Can you describe a woman as 'wizened'?) came over and asked "Are you looking for something, darling?" As it happens, I was, but not for her!.I was looking, late at night, for a public toilet. Hm. Actually, I had forgotten it was a public toilet I was looking for. Ran into dj_alexander, then we ran into -oh, I can't remember his name, sori... and we duly found the place. Excellent night, actually; I can see that it could become too successful! as the place quickly filled up. I missed scarynic's set, I hear there were problems with one of the decks not working... I did get to see (or hear) djpsyche's and Patricia's sets. Danced a bit, talked rubbish with people, caught up with a few people I haven't seen much lately and had a very good time. And then had to escape early, given that today was going to be (it is) a busy day...(i'm writing this in bits in between lessons). Top night, hope it will happen again...

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