Flavio Matani (flavius_m) wrote,
Flavio Matani

another sunday..

.. another week-end draws to a close, i can't believe i really have to get up before 6 am tomorrow, drive all the way to Weybridge, teach there till 2:15, then go to Watford and teach there till 9. Maybe i should distribute my workload more evenly during the week, but i do like having a couple of free (or nearly free) days towards the end of the week

week-end was quite good, very good time had in Tenebrae on Friday night, spending some time and sharing a laugh with friends.. Saturday was busy, with guitar teaching to do and other things; Last night at the Slimes was good if a bit surprisingly hot. It was a bit emptier than usual but i prefer that anyway.. Was good to see nounou, _abby_ and a few other friends there. Good to see m0rbid_princess albeit briefly, and a pity that i missed gelflyng, who i haven't seen for a long time and would have been good to at least say hello to.

spent the afternoon helping silkyfish and Uwe move to their new flat in Islington, which went swimmingly with a good team made up of cyber_child, deathbypeaches, beric and the slightly late but very welcome addition of Sophia, just back from Greece. It is always hard to believe you can do it on time and even harder to think how it all will fit in the new place but it somehow does, in the end. Several wardrobes, stairs and awkward corners and many, many boxes and bags later it was time for a pint at their new local and later they went for dinner in Essex Rd, at which point i had to decide to part and make it back home because of the aforementioned unspeakablly early (for me, i'm def not a morning person..) getting up time tomorrow...

we'll see what the week brings... hope you all had a good week-end

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