Flavio Matani (flavius_m) wrote,
Flavio Matani


Good morning.... it was a fantastic time at lydiamorgan 's birthday picnic yesterday. The best soggy picnic I've ever been to...

Took lots of pictures, but before they're up anywhere I'll have to put some work into them; I took far too many (431 photos) and most are rubbish. Judging from the photographic results I seem to have been slightly less sober than I thought I was (I don't remember drinking that very much, three cans of Pimm's -yes, in cans, fool that I am, and a few cans of beer, and some wine here and there and -wait a minute...) so many photos are slightly blurry or underexposed. That, and the fact that some of the lads (and one girl) were a bit overexposed! so probably not putting them up in fotopic....

Came back very tired, thinking I would go out again, either to the Fox or Teh Disco, but sat down to watch the news and next thing, I opened my eyes to 7:40 am....

noondaydemon coming for music jam later. Then, I don't know. Had two lessons but one is cancelled. Will need to get more victims pupils. Anyone wanting to learn to play the guitar? Promise not to try and teach 'Temple of Love' to anybody...

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