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this teaching lark

in the same morning i get maximum stress from a pupil she has to change the time of her lesson, what am i going to do about it and starts bullying the girl whose lesson is about to start to swap lesson times with her,she can't oh yes you can and I have to intervene

then i get a couple of kids who are interested and keen, who ask intelligent questions and ask again when i, in normal flavio fashion, give them a confusing or contradictory instruction. And for a little while it is worth the while

but wild horses wouldn't drag me into becoming a 'normal' classroom teacher. 'My' kids normally are here because they want to learn to play. I have lots of admiraton for someone like gothique1, I just couldn't cope with a class full of brats.

but then I have horrible memories of my own secondary school years. At some point many years after I left, the police raided the school during student riots and part of it including the offices burnt. I can't say i lamented it

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