Flavio Matani (flavius_m) wrote,
Flavio Matani

Bin Tang flavbdaydinner

Ok, a few things about the Bin Tang dinner tomorrow.

There are two possible menus to choose from. The difference and the trade-off between the two seems to boil down (sori) to choice vs. speed. That is, if we choose from the party menu, I'm told, they can be cooking ten or twenty or however many items at the same time, whilst if we choose from the 'normal' menu they have to cook them sequentially, which means a much longer waiting time. They were supposed to email me a copy of both menus but this hasn't happened yet, which in my view makes it a little pointless to order from the normal menu in advance -the point of this would have been to alleviate the waiting time problem (if it is indeed a problem, we can make repeated trips to the offie while we wait:P)

So far I have the following having confirmed attendance:

operon and gothique1 and friends.
silkyfish, dj_gassmann and friends
blackberryqueen and hotel_noir,lydiamorgan, -is badusernametag coming?
tromaville666 and lourens
ourblade and _noizeboy_,
godgirl. mupstasia and andialan.
kaerasta and dr_yen.
morgwll and katerina, jamesknight.
mark13 and, hopefully, redlaurie (is she working tomorrow?)
Steve and Carey WOLJ.

redcountess, arkady, reddragdiva.
gigib. samara_666

Who else? Still plenty of room, it would seem :P

Who else is coming?
Tags: birthdays, events.
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