July 6th, 2003


sunday afternoon

... and all is calm

maybe not all is calm, car alarm in the distance, the usual background of white noise from the traffic, like television static always changing and always the same

sort out a couple of computery/web page thingies, make a couple of phone calls, then go to vanessa and kelly's picnic in the park later on

slimelight last night -was a bit bored, lots of fun the night before and then find myself in the same place the following night in a completely different mood, feeling kind of out of place, bored and not entirely there....
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    Singularis laudis digna - Hilliard Ensemble

perversion and the slime

maybe not a brilliant idea to go to the same place two nights in a row. Had a very good time on friday at Perversion (but that's always to do with who you are with) and was rather bored last night at the Slime.... was good to see nounou, i like your new hair (i know you don't).

ok, off to picnic in highgate....
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    myself, idly mucking about with a guitar....