July 13th, 2003


birthday blues

it's that time of year again, maybe i should hide for a couple of days or sumfin.. strange how this works, i don't mind being at this point in my life, i'm having a lot of fun (although it is not certainly the way most people 'my age' live their lives) but birthdays always have (always did have) a terrible bitter-sweet quality for me. Of course it is to do with the feeling of the passing of time, the intimations of one's own moratlity, the longing -not for things past, i enjoyed those in their time and that's enough, but for things i know i would have been able to live and do but i begin to realise i probably never will.

maybe that's what i find difficult about birthdays, it is one of those times when i tend to look back instead of forward, which is largely a futile exercise.
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    Revolution 9 - The Beatles