July 15th, 2003


bits of reality

ok, done the birthday bit, spent half the day in the mechanic's yard waiting for car to be fixed under the blazing heat, didn't go to Cruxshadows (crro-shadows? or crux-shadows, psyche?) but instead went with Sam to Bar Gansa for a meal (noisy flamenco, some of it interesting, much too noise for me after such a day as yesterday) and then to the Dev where Steve was DJ'ing and bought me a pint (cheers..) and finally home to watch some movie with flatmates

and now back to the real world to try and find more work, more teaching or some gigs or i'll be in trouble to get to the other side of the summer....
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    Kathy´s song - Apoptygma Berserk (VNV Nation rmx)