July 24th, 2003



schools out, only a handful of private pupils for the next six weeks or so

well, maybe i'll get around to learn a couple of new pieces, get my finger out to find myself a few gigs (i really should do this, both because i'm very skint and because i _need_ to play, which may be difficult to explain but it is an actual _need_, even if you really really don't want to be there on the five minutes before going onstage....)

not going anywhere really (unlike nounou! she's going all over the place... er, maybe i should rephrase that, or gothique1 who's going back to S. Africa for a month, or obsc who just made it here from Spain..); I think my only outing this summer wil be to Infest in Bradford.... but that should be good!
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    Holy Water Moonlight - Sopor Aeternus