September 10th, 2003


no broadband..

Well, it seems like Telewest is on the blink around here .... Collapse )

so it's back to modem and horrid noises while it tries to connect and sloow internet; funny how quickly you get used to things like broadband (or mobiles phones, or indeed live-journal)

invoicing people... need to get more pupils or some gigs.... hm, who wants guitar lessons.....? f:)
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Batastrophy pics

Took about half a million photos at Batastrophy but can't upload them anywhere as i've run out of web space... will let those interested know. Most likely will just give andyravensable a cd with the pics at some point, for him to put up a few at the Batty website, if he wants to...

getting a little better, though

...after having met silkyfish, cyber_child, deathbypeaches, Uwe, John, Shiraz and a host of other people at the Dev, hearing the amazing stories of cyber_child's trip to Russia (living it five star in St Petersburg, now recording with the BBC at the Proms at the Albert Hall.... fantastic! well done!) and sharing an amazingly good evening with friends after such a sh**tty day.....
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