February 6th, 2004


Dinner last night

was very good, particularly since I didn't do much cooking, apart from asking Nicola and Sam to do things... and the mammoth washing-up afterwards.

The flat cannot hold that many people, as _abby_ and gothique1 already know, so it was just a couple of friends over, Tania, silkyfish and Uwe, Sam (who put a French twist in my Venezuelan salad, simplest thing in the world, lettuce, watercress and avocado, but with her vinagrette it was fantastic) -, Nicola (who made beautiful pasta), Ricardo and eventually Michela

nice time was had by all, hope there were no food-poisoning episodes arising from this!

now i have to go back to my seemingly impossible task of trying to find a way of avoiding imminent total financial collapse. Guitar lessons, anyone...?
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