February 15th, 2004


sunday slip sliding away

... not doing much today. Which suits me just fine...

Slimelight last night was much more fun than I anticipated. Or rather, it was a lot of fun in spite of the fract that I had been in a black cloud depressed mood. Mm, perhaps shouldn't use the word 'depressed'. Depression is a whole lot more serious a thing than sitting at home making myself feel melancholy.

In any case I had a very good time, danced a lot, caught up with some people -and in some cases I even understood what they were saying over the racket, especially upstairs. If you see me holding my chin, nodding and smiling while you're trying to tell me something vitally important like my flies are open or the cat puked on your bed today, make sure I did understand. I'm a bloody forrener after all and I find it difficult to keep asking peeps to repeat what they already said twice...

Left early-ish, when Uwe finished his set and gave him and silkyfish a lift home. And then I opened my eyes at noon as the phone was ringing and dragged myself out of bed to answer it and find the beeping tones of a fax machine. 1451: ".. the caller withheld the number....". Grr.
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