February 17th, 2004


another morning ..

wade in paperwork, drown in letters in window envelopes, unpaid bills, undelivered parcels, ansewrphone messages, the electricity people not arriving to sort out Michela's room electrics, little things breaking down which need your name in print letters and your signature here, sir, phone calls end up in the blind alley of engaged tones, the fax machine caller strikes again, you slam the phone down cursing as the doorbell rings and you rush down the stairs cursing some more but by the time you get to the door there's no-one there -just another 'undelivered item' note. Then upstairs the phone rings again of course...
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    Zentrifuge-Einsturzende Neubauten


So, suddenly all the hassle and the noise are gone and I'm sitting here with nothing more to do for the day except watch the red london buses shiny with rain slide past outside my window, down there in the world, while i pretend I practise (really just play for the fun of it, not bothering about how badly I may be playing it) a Bach partita, or lay down acoustic guitar tracks as I was doing just now for a completely self-indulgent not-quite-ambient, probably horrible and boring to listen tomorrow but just what I need to do now. Almost nothing, just enough.
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    me playing guitar