April 23rd, 2004


another Friday

OK, the plan of action for this evening seems to be to go to the Lounge Bar in Chalk Farm Rd to say Happy Birffday to _abby_ and bulletproofcat. In case there's any who still don't know and need to, this is up Chalk Farm Road on the right hand side as you walk up from the market, on the corner, opposite the Roundhouse.

then to Cabaret Macabre in Wicked. London Bridge is such a pain to get in and out of, though, so I'll probably just stay sober and take the car (would be nice not to, for once). It is the last one, the Farewell Party (it says here) and looks interesting, though, so will not be missing it.

Guitars and Dancing Devils

Interesting day, meeting Sam and her mum for lunch in Soho.. and arrving late, courtesy of the Northern Line. Trekking around the guitar shops in Denmark Street, peddling for guitar teaching work; a couple of interesting conversations, nothing firm but there might be something somewhere. We'll see.

Then calling at the Bolivar Hall of the Venezuelan Embassy where there was this exhibition about the Dancing Devils of Yare, a weird religious tradition of a town on the coast of Venezuela which -oh, check the link, it's too hot and logothetes went and mentioned ice-cream....