July 24th, 2004


broken lj of saturday, verge on friday night....

I was writing this yesterday just before I set out for Brighton... which was good, btw. Of course it is all out of date now..

Lj seems to be broken again.... it won't give me the Friends' page... or, now, any other page....

went to The Verge last night. Missed the first band, I liked Voices of Masada, the only thing that I didn't like that much was the drummer (there isn't one...), but otherwise a good set

Was in two minds about Attrition, perhaps because it was a sort of non-sequitor in the sense that it is a very different sort of band, playing a very different sort of music. I liked most of the elements of what they were doing but they together didn't entirely do it for me.

Thumbs up to djpsyche for organising the event. Across the road from my humble abode, too, which I quite like! :D