August 8th, 2004


The Week-End so far

... has been much too hot.

Friday was Dead and Buried, which was a very good evening. It seemed like everybody (well, everybody I know, nearly) was there...

Yesterday I spent the day with a friend in the South Bank, watching an amazing Romanian Folk band on one of the several stages there were as part of the Thames Festival.

Then to dj_alexander's barbeque, which was very good if a more intimate event -Greenwich is pretty! There's pictures of this here. At midnight we made for the Slimelight, which again was a bit too hot although not remotely as oppressively hot as the previous week. It was good to be able to go in the enclosure outside and have a good chat wth andyravensable. It was good also to see silkyfish. Couldn't say hi to dj_gassmann as he was somewhat engaged at the time, up there in the dj box...

Today is a quiet day, which is good once in a while....
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