September 13th, 2004


A mostly quiet week-end..

.. with a couple of pupils returning for lessons after Summer break, B-Movie on Friday which was a very good night (if a little hot), doing more doodling music on the computer all week-end, meeting Sam for a drink at the World's End and confirming that I really, really don't like that place; a strange weird Slimelight on Saturday -not sure why, may have been just because so many people were away at miss_soapand _whitenoise's wedding -many congratulations, by the way... Sunday, some wandering around Camden, llaying down some guitar tracks at a studio for a friend's final homework in sound engineering. Brief visit to the Dev last night, I like the idea of the movies. At some point hey were showing Dr Caligari's Cabinet which I had never seen and now think I ought to get hold of and watch properly.

Holy Sh*t, Batman..

I love this mad island where Batman and Robin can trespass into the grounds of the Queen's Palace and Batman can climb up the main wall and stage a five hour protest on a ledge next to the balcony where the Queen appears on state occasions..

I love this place, half way conceptually between the Germans' organized tidy living and the crazy mayhem of, say, Venezuela...