December 13th, 2004


If anybody needs to get hold of me....

I'll be at the Gran Café in Sabana Grande at some point in the day tomorrow... or maybe not, maybe will be sleeping.... Will not sleep tonight, have to check-in shortly after 4am so going to Heathrow on the tube in a while... big fat book and mp3 player are in order, it seems.

One of the weird things about living away from your birthplace and coming back to it (albeit in a short visit, couldn't face living there again) is the fact that I often feel very Venezuelan... here, but when confronted with some of the features of our particular blend of Spanish Caribbean 'soon come, don't worry about it' and extreme volatility, I feel I belong far more in this island (even if I will never sound like a native of it)

I like this cold grey soggy island a lot, actually.