January 6th, 2005


the swing of things

a couple of lessons today -well, four or five lessons. No schools yet until next week -so I still don't have to get up at unfeasible, obscene hours just yet. It's going to be hard after nearly a month of getting up at more civilised times. I'll have fewer pupils at the schools as well. Hm. Need to get more playing, really. Meaning, paid playing engagements... every body wants me to play for them but nobody wants to actually pay for it..

Big changes afoot, Michela & Andrew moving out, not sure what happens next. Can't really face the prospect of moving out of here so will probably look for co-tenants but have to wait and let the situation unfold a bit more. The flat is not fantastic, the rooms are small but, alas,, location, location, location...
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    Hurt - American IV: The Man Comes Around - Johnny Cash