January 23rd, 2005


That Godalming place

Back from silkyfish's birthday meet at her and dj_gassmann's place in that faraway corner of Surrey. The house is nice, the company was fantastic, but why did she have to move so far away.. Picked up mis_appropriate and untermensch at Matilda's after getting half-lost trying to find her place, off the Kings Road. Then we drove over to Guilford in the rain, I could hardly see where I was going and we then got seriously lost in Guilford... we eventually arrived and ate and drunk and had a good time, generally.... and at some point I passed out, can't have been any later than 2 or half past two... and woke up this morning after fitful dreams and heartburn. Odd. Maybe the fact that I hadn't slept that much the previous night didn't help, I cannot do the 'let's stay up all the week-end and do all the after-parties on Sunday' thing.

A friend has invited me to go with her to see Velvet Revolver so leaving in a few minutes for that. Hm, we'll see....