April 7th, 2005


.. twilight and delirium nocturnum...

Yesterday was looking to be a very quiet day,then Sam phoned me: she had a couple of tickets for the Twilight of the Gods by Wagner at the English National Opera.. Would I like to come along? (er, lemme think about it.... vroom!). It was a fantastic performance, flawless orchestra and singing, only marred, in my view, by the attemtps at making it 'current' or 'contemporary': Brunhilde in a flowery dress? Hagen's vassals as chavs? Brunhilde turning into a suicide bomber to destroy Valhalla? Hm

It was however a very good experience, on the whole; less for the staging than for the music; I'm glad I went, I so seldom go to these things any more. It did mean, because of the suddenness of the offer of tickets, that I couldn't meet arkady to give her the midi controller keyboard, we will need to re-arrange that.

After that, on the way home, I stopped at Quinn's for a good chat with peeps; lourens was leaving as I arrived, there were _abby_, ninja_badger, andyknifton, emmelinemay and a number of others (this sort of thing very quickly becomes a very long attendance list, like a school register...) Nice beer was imbibed (although mark13 didn't seem to agree with me that rauchbier is indeed yummy -he found it revolting. There's no accounting :D)
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    Wagner, Richard - Ring of the Niebelung ( Gotterdammerung ) Siegfried's Death & Funeral March


There was an almighty clap of thunder and lightning a few minutes ago, and then the whole skies emptied, pouring down. And now, from behind the shredded battleship-grey clouds, there appears the sun....