April 8th, 2005


.. another Thursday night.....

.. an evening in the company of lydiamorgan, chris_damage, purplestuart and Dan. Have failed again in my dastardly intentions of food poisoning them! Although at least one of them was taking precautions... I also tortured them with bits of Buena Vista Social Club and of the Seventh Seal (i really should charge Amazon a commission for these mentions...)

As we were leaving the house we ran into the people leaving from the Dead Can Dance gig, including blackberryqueen, hotel_noir, aka_toothbrush and Richard (I know he has an LJ but don't know his name) and were coaxed into going to the Dev, where we didn't really want to go and have yet one more drink..;) all in all a very good evening although it's a pity I missed the meet at Quinn's, given that we see so little of that_total_age. Still, there'll be other times.
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