May 28th, 2005


boiled-in-the-bag flavio

Really should fix the air conditioner in the convection oven car.Arriving at my pupil's all frazzled and sweating like a pig is not a fantastic idea, apart from the already outlandish freak element of being dressed in black, with New Rocks and speaking too fast with a heavy foreign accent..

Went for a walk down the South Bank with a friend last night. I still love London, I still find the view from the river and the skyline at night breathtaking -it's not NYC, but that's exactly how I like it.

Then we went to the Dev and there seemed to be a band convention there: there was cyber_child, whose band The Modern seems to be just about to hit the big time, Mike of Manuskript, emmelinemay (trying to sell me the just released CD of her band, Interlock (yes, Emmie, I'll buy it as soon as I have a couple bob). There were a lot of other friends and peeps... it was a very good couple of hours.

Then today I learn that cyber_child's Land Rover was hit by a hit-and-run drunk van driver while driving Emmeline and Mike home... luckily they seem to all be ok, but it does remind you how fragile life is. And what unthinking stupid bastards there still are out there...
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    am I really going to complain about the heat?